These artists are carefully chosen from all over the World, and are of the maturity level to effectively communicate life experiences, travel, education and the mystery, question and debate of our present time. Without being overtly political, these artists are “discussing” more our internal selves, our preciousness, and our reactions to nature and the world around us. 

Katherine Adkins
Chad Awalt

Juliellen Byrne 

Sue Cavanaugh

Yuri Darash 

Glenn Doell

Mike Elsass 


Wendy Franklin
Debra Fritts

Nathanial Galka 

Richard Garriott-Stejskal 

Kim Goldfarb 

Sol Halabi 

Christina Hall-Strauss 
Manuela Holban 
David Hostetler 

Kevin Keiser

Ann Kim

Barbara Krupp 
Irma Kusiani

Randall LaGro 

Nava Lubelski

Allison Luce
Xanda McCagg
Daniel McClendon
Darlene Olivia McElroy 

Char Norman

Anne Pourny 

Mitzi Prince

Carole Pryharska 

Donald Roberts 


David Senecal 

Signe Stuart 

Bonnie Teitelbaum 

Paul Weber

Robert Livsey-Wells 

Russell Whiting 

Hana Yilma