A fresh and exuberant presence in the contemporary art scene, artist Wendy Franklin is redefining and reestablishing the role of fiber art through the finest galleries in the country. Using centuries-old techniques which involve intricate layering of individualfibers she transforms raw materials into yards of luminous color. Rooted in the global tradition of textile art with a pursuit to elevate the medium to new levels, Franklin’s tactile creations speak to both the strengths and fragilities of the human condition. Her dedication to natural materials and processes paired with an innovative application of compelling color and design have placed her solidly within the fine art realm.

Wendy Franklin is perhaps most well known for her celebrated Bar Collective Series. These innovative installations of fiber wrapped wooden/steel bars offer an excitingalternative to the rectangle confines of the wall painting. Inspired by the vertical motif offence posts these sculptural forms symbolically represent the barriers whichsimultaneously keep us confined and protected from the outside. Franklin’s work is exhibited in several galleries across the country and has been included in multipleindividual and corporate collections including Barnes and Thornburg, Bedel Financial and Community North Hospitals.