Buying your first piece is important.  Actually, buying any piece is important, and we’d like to be there with you every step of the way! We help you define what appeals to you, why, and how it fits into your life and home. 

We often work as interior designers do, knowing this is a long-term journey.  It could take years to find the right piece for the right space.  We make sure you’re satisfied with the artwork you purchase from Muse Gallery.  If that means multiple trips to your home and/or trips to the artist studios, we are there for you.

Caren educated us as to the idea of collecting art and helped us enjoy the process of collecting.  I’m sure we wore her patience thin, but she was always willing  to address our questions and go out her way to make our collecting meaningful, educational and pleasurable.” Tim and Carol W.


If you’ve become an experienced collector and are serious about getting just the right piece by an artist we represent, or even if you’re interested in commissioning a work of art, we're here to help. Alternatively, if you want to start collecting and don't know where to start, we are happy to come to your home and provide our expertise on what we think you need. We then bring out different pieces and try them in different places until they have found the perfect spot in your home!


Art changes lives, but we know life can change.  If you’ve purchased a piece from Muse Gallery in the past, and need to “rightsize”, resize, or just change the look, we can work with you to resell the piece or possibly take as a trade-in.


First impressions are everything, and making them memorable is important. Enhance the look and feel of your space with personality and professionalism. If you are undecided about purchasing art, we provide a rare opportunity to lease artwork.  For a low monthly fee, you can live with one piece or a group of pieces in your home, business, or home for sale.  It’s a great opportunity to see artwork in the environment where it will live before you make your decision. 

"Leasing art has been a fantastic way to bring beauty into any space. At our office in New Albany, we are leasing 5 pieces of art and the ability to change the art with the season or as a desire to change the energy in the space has been both easy and engaging! I would recommend leasing art until you are ready to purchase - and then dive in!” - Carol L. Clinton, MD | President, CEO, Timeless Skin Solutions

“I first met Caren when we were listing our house.  Caren helped us pick out six pieces of art to help stage our house.  She is so professional, knowledgeable and listens so she can guide you in your selections.  She taught us that art is personal and only you can decide what is the perfect piece!” - Donna F.

The art leasing program has provided an affordable and accessible route to ownership which I have enjoyed and may not otherwise have been possible. Caren always provides sound guidance and council while I continue to learn and broaden by horizons.” - Chris C.


We provide pop up shows anywhere in the US, travelling across the country to pick up, check out, and show artwork. We like the idea that art be shown in different settings, making it accessible and easy to visualize outside an otherwise intimidating gallery environment (although we try to keep our gallery as un-intimidating as possible). Consider having us bring artwork to your home or business to stage an event, open-house, charity fundraiser, holiday party, etc. 

 "I purchased my first painting from Caren in 2004. Since then there have been many more painting, traveling together and most important a lasting friendship. Caren has had my house open two times, she handled everything, the only thing I had to do was make my bed.  The people that came to the open house made it a wonderful and fun evening.  I would open my house again anytime Caren ask.” - Kay Cipriano, Columbus, OH

I love having pop up galleries at my home. There is something very personal and relaxed about having Caren bring pieces into my home rather than seeing them in a gallery. A number of years ago, I inquired about certain works, and Caren offered to bring them to me so I could experience them hung in my own home space. It was amazing! She also brought many additional pieces and hung them for viewing: the home setting provided a very different perspective on the art. We decided to have an impromptu pop up show and invite my friends. It was so well received - a number of friends bought pieces from Caren - that we’ve done a few more since then. It is a wonderful way to see and appreciate pieces, and fun to gather friends to enjoy and learn about beautiful art together!” - Cynthia Gallagher, Boston, MA


We want to make sure your purchase arrives in pristine condition. If you want to just grab it and go, that’s great, but if not, we will wrap it, deliver it and hang it (locally), or make sure it’s properly wrapped for shipping anywhere in the world.  


We host yearly curated trips to New Mexico to visit artist studios and experience New Mexico in ways you may not get to experience it on your own. We plan the whole trip - from the hotels we stay in, to transportation and dining. You don't have to do anything except join us! 

I so much enjoyed our artist and gallery tour of the New Mexico art scene area.  Many of my favorite places too.  Exciting to see working artists in their environment and hear their “stories” around their art history and lives. Our tour went smoothly with accommodating hotels and great meals, well selected places, good companions.  What most made the difference was you, Caren: your commitment to these artists and art in general; your awareness of the the culture and history of the area; your ease in negotiating the physical environment; your sensibility about art.  You were flexible and always in good spirits, especially given all the variables you were having to juggle.   It was a unique and special experience.”  - Marlene

“Caren, I could not have had a more wonderful trip, and I want to thank you for all of your planning and hard work. It was the best.” - Jo Ann