figurative PAINTER

Irma Kusiani (aka Ilona Kustan) was born in 1971. Her family often moved between Georgia and Ukraine and Irma calls both countries her motherlands. From 1985 to 1990 she attended Applied Arts College, department of ceramics. From 1990 to 1995 continued her education in the Art Academy, majoring in industrial design. During her studies in the Academy, she took part in numerous fashion shows both in her homeland and abroad and won two major awards for her ballroom attire designs.

In 1995 just before graduation she participated in an art exhibition together with a group of fellow graduates of the Academy. Unexpectedly, most of the attention at the exhibition wasn’t to the works of the Department of Fine Art students, but to her paintings. The color, the themes and the imagination was overwhelming – and Irma’s career as fine artist started.

Irma was invited to exhibit at the President’s Palace in Kiev, then in the Parliament. Her paintings were purchased by the President’s Administration and given as presents to foreign leaders and dignitaries.

Irma is married to a fellow artist from Georgia, has two children, but despite demands of her status as a mom, she paints every day and enjoys tremendous success in both her homelands and abroad. Irma and her family now reside in Tbilisi, Georgia.