"I have often studied landscapes, history and the pathos. As a result, the majority of my work revolves around issues of impermanence, shifting perspectives, displacement, loss and above all: ever-enduring hope. My painting and drawing focuses on the subtle undercurrents of life, aka the not so blatant, crude or obvious aspects. I pay attention to what happens around me and believe that there is validity to these happenings and a rising need for the poetic in today’s world. Although my work is of an abstract nature, it always stems from the place and surroundings in which I find myself. From observing color, a line seen in space or a found object, it all eventually finds it’s way into my painting as metaphors. Words that come to mind upon consideration of my 3D forms include: absence, presence, fragility, emptiness, strength, internal and external. All of which lead to the possibility of open interpretation and discussion."