"I never paint without listening to classical music. My emotional response to each listening experience is “seeing” the colors of the sounds produced by different solo parts or passages in the music. These colors form the basis of the painting’s production. Music itself is abstract: it has color, spaces in the compositions that have no sound at all, and when you listen to music you sense a feeling of movement, and there is a texture to the music I select for responding to. My intention is to have all those components in my paintings. I do not, however, intend to represent or express the ideas or subject matter of the music. I merely respond emotionally, “seeing” and hearing the colors which become the color-shapes that ascend in space, much the way a musical sound rises in space."

Wells graduated from the Boston Museum School of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts in the mid 1900’s. He has a BS in art education from Tufts University in Boston and an MA in art history from Boston University. His technique has earned one of his paintings, Red Moon, a place in the Boston Museum of Fine Art’s permanent collection. His work is sensual, colorful and captivating - Reminiscent of the most basic forms of color and movement.