"My abstract paintings capture the ethereal quality of a common object: clouds, and the graphic nature of highway roads in the environment. In the same manner as artists paint landscapes and seascapes, clouds and roads become my subject matter for scapes and pathways. Observations of cloud forms and linear qualities of roadways occur daily during my lengthy commute to and from Columbus, then, become inspiration for a universally cohesive body of contemporary work. Formally, I achieve depth and luminosity through the use of multiple layers of thick and thin latex, acrylic and spray paint applied with a squeegee. Random china marker and pencil lines resemble jet trails left behind by a passing aircraft high above. The composition reveals itself as energetic and colorfully vibrant materials release themselves on the canvas. The result is a methodical and intuitively expressive interpretation of atmospheric presence and the unique language of traversing."

Available at Muse Gallery Bluffton

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