Sue Cavanaugh studio visit, Hilton show, Muse Gallery @ Reed Arts, update on Randall LaGro studio sale pieces

Lots of news . . . I set up a small Muse Gallery show at Reed Arts, which I think looks beautiful.  I am so excited about having this space!  Tim and the team at Reed Arts are wonderful framers (I get everything framed there), and the space is right in my old neighborhood.  It will be convenient for people to pop by anytime Reed Arts is open.  View the work at your leisure, then call me if there's something you must have or want more information on.  Reed Arts staff is also able to run sales if you just have to have something that very moment!!  There is a parking lot in the back, and a direct entrance to the gallery; or if you come in the front of the building shop Reed Arts on your way to my space.

Some photos:



I also just installed a show at the Hilton Columbus Downtown, up through the month of October.  We will have a reception on October 22 from 6-8 pm with light refreshments served.  Please join me -- since I don't have the gallery any more, I miss seeing all of you!!  The work looks great, too -- Signe Stuart, Bonnie Teitelbaum and Nathaniel Galka.  As you may recall, I will be traveling to Hilton Head for a joint show with Muse Gallery Hilton Head, showing new work by Bonnie Teitelbaum, Signe Stuart and Mel Rea.  The show at the Hilton will give you an indication of the work.  They're spectacular pieces.





And, I made a point to stop by Sue Cavanaugh's show at 400 W. Rich.  It was really wonderful!  What was particularly spectacular was the poem Sue wrote about the show.  


And, finally, these are pieces that are still available from Randall LaGro's studio sale.  We will continue to sell these pieces through the end of this week only.  


Transcendence 36x30'' framed oil, orig. $4200, sell for $2400



Lady of the Lake, 61x40" incl/frame, Monotype with handwork.  $4,500

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