Sue Cavanaugh in the news!

Congrats to Sue Cavanaugh for being named one of the Top 10 shows of 2015 by Columbus Alive.  

ByJim Fischer
From the December 24, 2015 edition
Columbus Alive's Year in Review
Once again, the breadth and depth of the Columbus arts scene was on full display in 2015. Local artists both established and emerging made great work. Galleries and other art spaces provided opportunities and a keen eye. Visiting artists and larger institutions added variety and influence.
All of which makes it difficult to pare a year down to a select few. Yet we managed to settle on the following 12 as representative of the quality of work on view during the past year.
. . .

Sept. 11-26 at 400 W. Rich
400 W. Rich’s Promenade Gallery hosted Sue Cavanaugh’s massive and striking installation. “Gathering III” was three installations using 35-foot parachutes as well as previous installations reconfigured into new compositions that flowed off the walls in an ambitious use of the warehouse-like space’s hallways and ceilings. The parachute pieces were painted and hung in such a way as to call to mind a watery aesthetic.




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