Stolen sculpture recovered

Wednesday, the Columbus police department detectives came into the gallery to say they'd recovered one of the sculptures stolen from my courtyard (2-3 years ago) at a local junkyard.  They had the guy who scrapped it in for questioning (although they don't think he originally stole the piece).  

Since that time, they did post a notice on Facebook, hoping that somebody would come forward and say it was stolen from them, and possibly let the police know where they purchased it or from whom they purchased it.  Because of that, we did not appear on the news Wednesday night (instead, the news stations interviewed Sherrie Gallery about theft in general).  

As many of you know, this theft was devastating for the gallery.  We lost two artists (Mark Yale Harris and Robert Cates), and had to hire an attorney to get reimbursed from the insurance company.  We have since moved on, but gave up the courtyard since we couldn't find an insurance carrier to cover it.  And, it's always somewhat sickening to think about somebody enjoying a piece of art that was stolen from the gallery (or from an artist).  

We are thrilled that at least one of the pieces has resurfaced.  I WISH all the pieces would be recovered -- wishful thinking.

The sculpture will be returned to the insurance company.

I thought this was interesting information, and since so many of you have asked over the years if any of the sculptures were stolen, I wanted to let you know.  


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