"The Genius takes the good anywhere it finds."  This French saying applies especially well to the artistic mind of Sare (pseudonym of the artist Evgenia Sarkissian), saturated by a multitude of reminiscences in the extensive time and space of European culture.  There one can see the duality of the real and the fantastic, present in the works of German romantic writer E.T.A. Hoffmann where, according to the Russian poet and philosopher Vladimir Soloviev, the fantastic personages, despite their strangeness, appear not as ghosts from an alient world, but as the other side of the same reality.

The grotesque personages created by Sare are the result of a post-avanat-garde thinking, born of the crisis of contemporary civilization, the metaphysical rejection of the "absurdity" of the world and human existence.

Available at Muse Gallery Columbus until June 2, 2018

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