Recent Events

What a great time this past week!  

First, we had a "Where Art Lives" party at Kay Cipriano's house on the River.  It's a spectacular home, and I can't thank Kay enough for opening it to our collectors and friends.  These parties are an opportunity to see how other people use and live with art in their own homes.  Each home has its own unique decorating style and choices. Hopefully, it will give all inspiration to buy art fearlessly, and live with art in their own homes.  Whether our homes are as elaborate or well-thought-out as our first two "Where Art Lives" have been, or not, we can all walk away with an appreciation for mixing styles, taking chances, buying what you love and surrounding ourselves with beautiful things.  We have several more scheduled for next year -- stay informed by signing up for our mail list or checking our blogs frequently.  Thank you to all who attended!

Our second event was a visit to David Hostetler's studio and home.  David has multiple studios -- for woodworking, printmaking, a makeshift gallery and a home filled with art and inspiration.  Lunch, and conversation, was fabulous, and the weather couldn't have been more perfect for a stroll around the grounds.  Join us next time for a visit that's not to be missed!

And, join us in January/February for an event at the Columbus Downtown Hilton!!  Currently, a retrospective of work by Donald Roberts is showing at the Kennedy Museum in Athens.  That show will then be brought to Columbus for January 2014.  50 years of work by Donald Roberts, as well as work by his wife June Carver Roberts, will be shown in a major exhibition not to be missed.  Announcements will be made regarding opening date.

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