Ready for the holidays?

Are you already thinking about the holidays?

Fall is a great time to spruce up your home.  And with the upcoming holidays, you'll want to have your home in tip-top condition.  Think about leasing art.

It's an easy way to change or enhance your look, add to your  collection, or just have your house looking great for an upcoming party or event.  It would be difficult to build an entire collection in just a few months (although a few of my best customers have certainly tried!).  Leasing offers endless possibilities.  Think about it.  I choose and delivery work appropriate for your decor (or appropriate for an office if that's what you're thinking), hang it, and leave it up through the holidays.  If you love it and want to keep it longer, no problem.  I'll change it out bi-monthly, offering you endless possibilities for decorating your home.

Or, you want to be a serious collector?  The art I bring is all original, one-of-a-kind pieces done by top artists from around the world.  The same art that I show in the gallery.  Each piece is selected by me for the gallery, so each should be given serious consideration.  If at any time you decide to purchase the artwork that's been staged in your home (one piece or the entire collection), I apply 50% of the lease fee paid to date (up to 1/2 of the purchase price).  You'd get to live with great art, have a collection suggested for you by a professional, pay a low monthly fee, and live with some of the greatest pieces of art offered by Muse Gallery.

And, if you've already built a serious collection, perhaps a fresh eye would help.  I will come to your home to suggest placement, rehang for you, curate and/or arrange for donation or delivery to auction.  All for $100 for up to 2 hours ($75 per additional hour).

Leasing is easy and convenient.  Prices start at $250/month for up to 5 pieces.  Call me for information.  565-0314.

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