"Re" by Gruntz LLC - repurposed reimagined reborn

My husband, Bill Petersen, owner of Gruntz LLC (which does deconstruction and clean-outs) has another (more creative) side.  Many of you know that we created a home in New Mexico from reclaimed materials.  In that same spirit, Bill has continued to create furniture and goods from materials he has gathered.  Cutting boards from old oak tables, side tables from old slats and broken slate, drinking glasses and torcheries from bottles, centerpieces for Hali's wedding tables from old 2x4s  . . . the list goes on and on.  

 I'm so excited about what he's been doing that I want to share it with my clients.  I think these are chic, industrial pieces that would look great in an urban loft, a cool new restaurant, or a home that's a little "outside the box".  Let me know what you think -- we would love the feedback!


cutting boards ($40 ea.) and drinking glasses from old liquor bottles ($6 ea. or 6 for $30)


2" slate top slab on old singer sewing machine base.  $350


refinished countertop table (would fit against a wall), painted (and then sealed) by artist, $150 


Drinking glasses (or flower vases) from wine bottles, $6 ea., and wooden placemats (each different) from old slats, $10 ea.

Radiator sofa table  

Radiator sofa table with thick frosted glass top ($300)


side table from old slats and 2" thick slate ($95); wine bottle glasses ($6 ea. or 6 for $30)


Cafe table re-finished, re-shaped, re-sized and rebuilt with dark green steel legs ($150 ea.)  Can make multiples!

All for sale.  Call 614-949-4753 (Bill) or 614-565-0314 (Caren) for info.




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