Randall LaGro studio sale

I will begin adding images of pieces available for purchase from the Randall LaGro studio sale.  Prices are available upon request, along with the original asking price.  Many of these are older, and have been in Randall LaGro's personal collection for years, indicating changes in his technique or pieces that informed his next body of work.  It's a very special collection/retrospective of Randall LaGro's art.  

Nothing will be held.  Once you pay for the piece, it will be set aside or shipped, per your instructions.  I will continue to add pieces weekly.  

None of his trinkets, ephemera, collected art by other artists, etc. will be available on this site.  You must attend the sale in Taos to have access to those treasurers.  I couldn't think of a better excuse to visit Taos!!





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