"My art is fundamentally conservative in nature. I concentrate on traditional aspects of painting: illusion of space, depiction of volume, suggestion of atmosphere and light.
I prefer still life subject matter. Everyday objects in eloquent arrangements have architecture, local color, variety of shapes, forms, and scale, and doesn't get up and go anywhere while I paint. I work directly from life, with some help from photographs and memory. Prolonged observation, contemplation become informed and layered with memory and invention. A completed painting never looks like the original motif. Objects move around, appear and disappear as the painting evolves.
My paintings strive to be simple, yet complex. A coherent, unified, refined image can be apprehended "all at once", but sub groupings, variations on a theme, hidden surprises reward extended looking. Beyond the appearance of objects, symbolic connotations arise. An empty, receptive vessel, a robust, ripe fruit, a discarded, wrinkled paper in its afterlife.
My paintings strive to express stillness, silence--what one might experience in a small chapel. A muted palette, relatively narrow band of paint handling, small objects contribute to this effect. A matter of factness within an atmospheric space. Beyond that, I hope there is room for magic."