New work, happy holidays, lousy weather . . .

Well, the holidays are almost behind us, and as we ring in a New Year, let's be thankful we have art in the world!

 Like the bumper sticker says, "Earth without ART is just EH".  Treat yourself this year.  

 We have lots to help with that goal in mind. . . New work by gallery artists :)

 Debra Fritts

  Signe stuart, Russell Whiting, Char Norman, Richard Garriott-Stejskal


 Tania Abrile


 Nathaniel Galka


 Chad Awalt

  Christina Hall-strauss


 Kim Goldfarb


 Yuri Darash


 Darlene Olivia McElroy


 Randall LaGro


Ann Kim


 Anne Pourny




 David Senecal


Bonnie Teitelbaum

 Call 614-565-0314 for information on any of the pieces, or visit our website at






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