New events/times

Please note the following additions to our schedule:

Wednesday, August 5, dinner @ G Michaels with artists Char Norman, David Senecal, and Sue Cavanaugh.  Sit and have an "artsy" conversation with artists, learn more about their art in an informal setting, enjoy good company and great food!  Call Caren @ 614-565-0314 for information.

September 10-13 (Thursday - Sunday) visit Randall LaGro's studio in downtown Taos, NM, to rummage through his stash of ephemera, curiosities, antiques, objects d'art, his own personal collection of art of other artists, and his own paintings and monotypes (all for sale, all at rummage sale prices!).  What a great opportunity!!  Call Caren @ 614-565-0314 for information.

October 1 - Where Art Lives at Angela & John Petro's house in German Village.  Call Caren @ 614-565-0314 for information.

October 10 - opening for Bonnie Teitelbaum, Cat Tesla, Chad Awalt at Muse Gallery Hilton Head.  Artists will be in attendance . . . all new work.  And, if you want to stay the week, we can plan an entire artistic adventure (for a mere $250 pp).  Call Caren @ 614-565-0314 for information.

 and more . . . 


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