New Artist - Bonnie Teitelbaum

Beautiful new acrylic on panel paintings by artist Bonnie Teitelbaum.  Bonnie is currently living in Santa Fe, New Mexico, an area where many of my artists live and work.  

These are incredibly lush, ethereal paintings of acrylic with a high-gloss resin surface.  She says:

"I have many layers in my paintings starting off with a strong underpainting, then sandwich layers of paint between pours of clear gel.  This provides a clear barrier for light to travel through the layers giving a sense of depth, like looking into a tidal pool.  As the painting is built up in these layers of paint and gel, the paint applied becomes lighter and more transparent.  I work on panels and paint or wrap the painting image around all sides making for a finished piece that does not need framing."

New pieces are hung in the gallery.  Stop by!

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