Love letters from the field!

Dear Caren,

I just wanted to thank you and your husband for opening your gallery to us yesterday. I was a little frustrated with our professor for not taking into consideration that as an appointment only gallery, it would be a great imposition to expect you to open your gallery to a student to view your artists. But, I knew I had to at least ask and you were very kind to even consider making time for us, let alone make special arrangements when you weren't there with another client. My husband owns his own business and is often asked to do things that business wise really don't make sense, but he too extends his hand to help the next person - just as you did for us - so i have a very personal understanding and appreciation for what yo did for us. Thank you

I have to tell you, that I am so happy that you were so generous to us. Your gallery is amazing. I learned more about art, artists and artists' techniques from your husband than I have from any other single person.

Abstract art has been difficult for me to get my hands around, but as he spoke about Randall LaGro, I could see and understand what he was sharing with us. I walked out of the gallery absolutely in love with his art. And we discussed several of the artist and in understanding more about them and their art, i have a much deeper appreciation for their art.

I am an adult learner, returning to college to complete a degree in History at Ohio University. I left college in 1986 to help support my family and after getting my own 2 kids through HS I have returned to finish my degree. We love various kinds of art - my son is a trained musician working towards his degree and will go onto to graduate school, my daughter danced at Balletmet until she was diagnosed with a disability and then she turned to art. My husband and I would have both followed more artistic and musical routes in a different world. So we love art, but don't know enough about some forms to fully appreciate.

My daughter was with me yesterday - we are taking this class together, and we are both so grateful for the time your husband took to share with us several stories about the artists and their work. We both gained valuable knowledge about how to better appreciate art and maybe most importantly, we now feel really good high quality art work may not be as unattainable to us as we once thought.

Thank you again for being so kind as to open your gallery to us. If it wouldn't be too much to ask, I do have one or two questions.

I loved the Rhythm sticks by Glenn Doell. I noticed the use of the nails. I recently have read about some African fetishes that have hundreds of nails in the statues, The nails are placed in the statue after two disputing parties reach some agreement. I was wondering if Glenn Doell was influenced by these African fetishes? One last question, after getting home last night I looked up several artists on the internet to learn more - Hostettler, LaGro, Halabi and Liu Liu. But, I missed the name of the artist who dod the handsewn fabric piece hanging in the front window. Could I ask her name so I can learn more about her as well?

Thank you and I am looking forward to receiving your newsletter to continue learning about your artists.

with much gratitude,

Robin Wright

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