Hostetler trip

Hali took a group of 7 people to David Hostetler's home and studio last weekend.  It was fabulous!!  People toured all the studios, ate lunch prepared by Susan, had one-on-one conversation with David, purchased pieces that may never be in the gallery (there are just too many to show them all!!), and generally enjoyed the insight and opportunity.  Here are some excerpts/comments from some of the attendees.  We'd love for you to join us next time.

"We so enjoyed our visit to David and Susan Hosteltler's house in Athens.  It really was an unforgettable experience!  So very interesting to chat with David and learn about his process, philosophy and approach to his art.  The house itself was fantastic and showcased the artwork to perfection!!  It's always lovely to be welcomed into someone's home and enjoy a meal with new friends!!  Thanks very much to Hali for arranging this wonderful day!!"

"Likes people... I guess loves... They both seem to... .Home highly unique as a development.  Susan's sharing was diverse as well, and so much defined."

"Food was great."

"First of all, many thanks for organizing the trip to the Hostetlers' last Sunday.  ** and I had a wonderful time!
It was certainly a pleasure to reconnect with Dave and Susan after so many years.
Let me add, too,  that we also throughly enjoyed getting to know you. I mentioned to Susan that this was our first experience working with you, and we were impressed with not only your pleasant manner, but your professionalism as well."

"We were treated to a delicious lunch and relaxed with our host, hostess and the other guests -- we shared lots of stories and lots of laughter!  We then saw his studio and learned about his artwork.  We saw many things in production.  It was truly a memorable art adventure!"


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