German Village Haus & Garten Tour

Three of our wonderful clients have homes on the German Village Haus & Garten tour this year:

Angela + John Petro | 231 East Sycamore Street

Christian Coffin | 143 E Whittier Street

Sevy + Kyle Kraner | 835 South Fifth Street

You'll be able to see work by Russell Whiting, Randall LaGro, Sol Halabi, Chas Ray Krider, Tom Towhey, Sue Cavanaugh, Barbara Krupp, Nathaniel Galka, Sare, Glenn Doell, and others at these spectacular homes.

Call the German Village Society for information or tickets, or go to

If you're going to the tour, make sure you check out these three beautiful homes.  

Get your tickets and enjoy the tour!  

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