German Village Haus & Garten Tour

I've been busy preparing two houses for the German Village Haus & Garten Tour - hanging fabulous artwork to showcase fabulous homes.  The German Village Haus & Garten Tour showcases an eclectic mix of homes this year, from small cottages to large completely remodeled homes.  In one of those homes, pieces by Mitzi Prince, Helen Rinke, Santiago Perez, Donald Roberts, Chad Awalt and Randall LaGro complement a warm, comfortable environment with polished elements and quirky charm.  In the other recently remodeled home, a large David Hostetler will grace the back yard, with sculptures by Rafael Susarte Molina and Russell Whiting inside.  We'll also have paintings by Sare, Mario Madiai, Tolosa, and Nathaniel Galka, complementing a sleek, contemporary interior with high-end finishes and a bold use of color.  Buy your tickets here to see these incredible homes, and these beautiful pieces!

David Hostetler Goddess

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