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Paper Narratives

Randall LaGro, Allison Luce, Mel Rea, Signe Stuart

Paper Narratives is a show of all new work featuring unique applications and uses of paper in art by artists Randall LaGro, Allison Luce, Mel Rea, and Signe Stuart.

Randall LaGro utilizes the most painterly of methods known as the monotype process. “I love the immediacy of the medium and the fact that it is the only one in existence.” Working exclusively in monochromatic color, black or sepia ink, and the white of the paper, LaGro finds that limited color has a quieter effect on our senses and the potential for deep resonance in our souls. 

Allison Luce draws inspiration from nature in her series of linocuts titled “Primoris Ortus” which explores fragility and femininity and its relation to the concept of eternity. “This series of prints links my current life with a visual history from the past. I derive the designs for my prints from my extensive travels and incorporate the colors, textures, and patterns of what I see into my artwork.” 

Mel Rea exploits the palpable nature of paper, allowing the spontaneous reaction of water and pigment into the surface. Influenced by the effects of symphony music, her works on paper are a visual attempt to record the bold boastings versus the quiets and calms of the symphony. “My greatest love is working with the organic softness and vulnerability of paper. No medium holds such fondness and familiarity to me as that of working with ink on paper.” 

Signe Stuart’s works on paper are a process of deconstruction and reconstruction by tearing, puncturing, collaging, and sewing intimate textured surfaces in mixed media. “My process reflects on the idea that something emerges from nothing..that light in all its forms is underlying connective and communicative fabric of nature.” 

Paper Narratives will be available to view at the gallery for the entire month of October. Gallery hours are Monday-Friday 11-5 pm. For more information, contact Hali Lookabaugh at 843-715-4330.