Brokerage/Resale/studio sale

Muse Gallery currently has several pieces offered for resale from clients, brokerage pieces, and studio sale pieces from Randall LaGro.  Below I will list pieces from clients, the studio, etc.  Please scroll through entire e-mail to view different options/different artists.

 A David Hostetler currently being offered for sale:


David Hostetler, "American Woman" in sealed polished bronze. She is 41.5”h.  Priced at $26,500.


 Images below show a partial inventory of Randall LaGro pieces that are available.  


Transcendence 36x30'' framed oil, orig. $4200, sell for $2400



Lady of the Lake, 61x40" incl/frame.
Monotype with handwork.  $4,500


Rite of Passage, 50"x40", $7900, sell for $4000

These are great pieces for a beach house.  They were pieces purchased by clients from California (not purchased or represented by Muse Gallery), and are being offered at below-market rates:


Don Hatfield, Cherished One, serigraph 30"x27" image, $1,800 framed


John Asaro, "Porcelain Ginger", serigraph 90/195, approx. 40"x50" framed, $1,500


John Asaro, "Hawaiian Ginger", serigraph 62/195, approx. 40"x50" framed, $1,500

And, these are some owned pieces that are being sold at below-market value -- artists either currently represented by or at some time represented by Muse Gallery:


Unknown artist, signed "Endo", approx. 40"x50", $500


Monika Steiner, The Other Me, 30"x42", $2,400


Carol Kucera (NM artist), A Year in the Orient, o/canvas, 70"x70", $5,000

Please feel free to call Caren (614-565-0314) for information on any of these pieces.



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