what is art leasing?

For a minimal fee, you can lease artwork from Muse Gallery. We use original pieces, that are sophisticated, tasteful, and universally appealing.

Home Preparation/Staging- We have been told by real estate agents and staging companies that the "art made the house" and those houses have been selling quickly. We want homes for sale to be beautiful, and will work hard to make sure the residence reflects a style you are comfortable with.  

Business- First impressions are everything. Making it memorable is even better. Create an aura about the success of your business by leasing art. Or, if you’re undecided about purchasing art, or don’t want to make that commitment now, leasing might be the perfect option for you. 

Personal- Lease to own- What a convenient way to purchase artwork without a huge cash outlay. Try different pieces in your home and take risks that might not be allowed when purchasing elsewhere. Not sure a sculptural element could work? Not sure how large a piece your room can handle? This is an easy way to find out. If you later decide you love the artwork and would like to purchase, we allow a portion of your lease fee to be applied towards a purchase. 

Short Term- Do you have an upcoming event, party, fundraiser, or open house? Art can be the theme or a way to enhance your space in a cost savy way. It's that wow factor you might be missing. 


1-5 pieces—$300

6-10 pieces—$600

Over 10 pieces--negotiable 

Short term—$1,000

Initial set up fee- $175. This one time fee is non-refundable and includes delivery, installation, and administrative set up

--All artwork is available for purchase and a portion of your lease fee can be applied toward that (or any) purchase from Muse Gallery

who do i contact?

Columbus, OH or surrounding cities- Caren Petersen- caren@amusegallery.com, 614-565-0314

Original, quality art can transform how a buyer reacts to a house. I had a house on the market for almost a year and once we put in artwork from Muse Gallery, the reaction of buyers and realtors and the feedback we received was totally different — the house went into contract within 30 days of that installation. The right colors, the mood, and the sense of quality that great art can bring to a listing and a home has unquantifiable value. -Marilyn Vutech, Vutech and Ruff
Leasing art has been a fantastic way to bring beauty into any space.  At our office in New Albany, we are leasing 5 pieces of art and the ability to change the art with the season or as a desire to change the energy in the space has been both easy and engaging!  I would recommend leasing art until you are ready to purchase - and then dive in! - Carol L. Clinton, MD | President, CEO, Timeless Skin Solutions
Fine art staging is an incredibly effective way to create an elevated experience in a space. I have witnessed its effect in multi million dollar waterfront homes and generations old bungalows alike... the properties are each unique and Hali has a talent for partnering the art to the surroundings. The exposure to fine art in a home inevitably improves the visitors opinion of the property, evidenced in my case by attractive purchase offers made immediately after installation. - Hillary Dollenberg, Carolina Realty Group
The art leasing program has provided an affordable and accessible route to ownership which I have enjoyed and may not otherwise have been possible.  Caren always provides sound guidance and council while I continue to learn and broaden my horizons. -Christian Coffin, General Manager Hilton Columbus Downtown