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Artist Submissions

We are always looking for new artists to add to our stable of artists. However, we only take about two new artists a year, and our criteria are very specific.*  

We are a mid-career contemporary artist gallery. Our artists are professional artists, have been producing twenty years or more, are published, in major private and corporate collections, and most are in museum collections.  Please review the website before submitting your work.  If you feel your work would be a good fit, please follow the instructions below.

Please include the following when submitting your work for consideration:

  1. At least five high res images, with dimensions, medium noted.
  2. Resume
  3. Bio
  4. Cover letter explaining your goals, where you heard of Muse Gallery, and any additional information you think might be helpful.

Don’t include: 

  1. ANY emoticons
  2. Video
  3. Large images
  4. Ads

We accept submissions both online @ caren@amusegallery.com or by mail at Muse Gallery @ Reed Arts, 943 W. Third avenue, Columbus, OH  43212.

*Currently, we are looking for sculptors that do monumental pieces for our New Mexico property, which will become an "experience" trip/stop/visit on Airbnb.  We will eventually have a gallery on that property as well.  For now, we will focus on selling just monumental outdoor sculpture.