" Perceive the invisible under the visible "

In the listening of the nature and the light, the tiny and the immense, Anne Pourny's painting
tells the world through the first energies with the plenitude of the light and the call of the
depths for main motive.

Inspired by Brittany of which we find, in her canvases, the transparent waters levelled by
the dark cliffs where smash waves, Anne Pourny was also marked by the movement of the
American lyric abstraction then by the philosophy Zen, the taoism. From there, it results an
attitude in front of nature close to that of the Chinese painter: a gesture to push aside mists
and skim or to create winds and tides.

Meditation, maturation and rigor of the composition are allied to the spontaneity of the
gesture, sign of desire, which supports, testifies and says the intensity of the dynamics of the
world by the language of the abstraction.