Using unconventional hardware - a blow torch, iron and other heated tools, along with paper, photography, resin and natural materials - Andrea employs mixed media with deft skill and innovation. Her uncommon painting techniques yield to a vision that is intense, mysterious and ethereal.

Her artwork embodies that vision particularly in her underwater series, and those that depict subjects of wild horses and aspens.

Available at Muse Gallery Hilton Head

Contact for details: 843-715-4330 or

Submerged Garden Series

"In all of my explorations in photography, I'm primarily drawn to the wonders of nature; the perfections and imperfections of the world we live in.  I've spent countless hours with the majestic bands of wild horses of New Mexico, a place I consider my second home.  I've explored fluidity in underwater movement and my latest collection called "Submerged Garden" depicts a kaleidoscopic interaction between an entirely organic, botanical color palette and the magical play between reflection and refraction.
All photography is available in an array of sizes and options including plexiglas mounted metallic prints: rectangle, square or circular.  In the Submerged Gardens collection, prints are available up to 120-inches for large-scale installations and  an experiential underwater effect. Unique presentations may include ceiling mounts and lightbox options.  Custom options for framing include hand-welded steel, rustic reclaimed wood and standard metallics."

"In my paintings I enjoy expressing a sense of adventure and preserving a childlike wonder with our natural world.  Abstractly, in gesture or realistically, I interpret balance or chaos; leaping from a cliff, hiking through woods, touching a porcupine quill or deep sea diving ... all are inspirational moments.
Encaustic is one of the world's most ancient and permanent painting mediums that has been rediscovered by contemporary artists.  The paints are made from pure powder pigment and molten bee's wax is layered atop, making the process unique and seductive.  The molten nature of this medium is suitable for layering with oil paint and collaging and imbedding objects into the wax for multi-dimensional effect.  Encaustic painting has great texture with a characteristic matte, translucent and velvety surface."