Today is our last day before the Christmas holiday.   However, I will be in the gallery after Christmas doing a little "remodeling".  We're excited to put a fresh coat of paint on the walls, and spruce things up a bit.  Stop by after the first of the year to see our new look.

 Or, if you can't wait until the new year, call me.  I'll be happy to bring artwork to your home or office, set up a new lease program for you, or otherwise help to make collecting part of your life.  

Don't miss it - we have a trip scheduled to the David Hostetler studios on Sunday, January 4.  Call Hali at 614-565-8813 for information.


We have a lot of great shows lined up for next year, and are looking forward to getting new work by Russell Whiting, Nathaniel Galka, David Hostetler and others; as well as mounting shows for artists Tania Abrile (Argentina), Char Norman (Columbus), Tom Towhey (Cincinnati), Barbara Krupp (Florida), Bonnie Teitelbaum (Santa Fe), Toni Swarthout (Nashville), and a cool assemblage show with work by Randall LaGro, Darlene Olivia McElroy, Russell Whiting, McCreery Jordan and Glenn Doell.  

We will also begin scheduling Where Art Lives parties for 2015.  Join the mailing list to receive invites to these parties, the openings, shows at the Hilton Columbus Downtown, and more!

And never, ever quit collecting!  Art is life.  Embrace art.


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